Home insulation grants

Home Insulation Grants

You may be eligible for a Home Heating Grant to enable you to make your home more energy efficient and as a result more cost effective.

Grants are available for improvements such as increased insulation from hot water tank jackets to wall cavity or loft insulation, room and water heating improvements which includes thermostatic controls, immersion water heaters, water heaters and timer controls for your heating appliances. If you think that the heating system you currently have installed may need repairing or even completely replacing this could also be covered under the grant schemes and they even offer energy advice and energy saving light bulbs.

Eligibility Criteria for Home Insulation Grants

You must own your own home and, or, be receiving Government Benefits such as Income Support, Disability Living Allowance, Council Tax Benefits etc, although if you are a tenant you may still be eligible.

Warm Front Grants in England

The Warm Front Grant can be up £2700 or up to £4000 if it is decided that an oil fired central heating system is the correct appliance to be installed. If you are aged over 60 or live with a partner who is over 60 you may be eligible for a grant under the heating rebate scheme. If you do not qualify for a Warm Front Grant you may qualify for a £300 rebate instead, so it is always worth checking out.

Home Energy Efficiency Scheme in Wales

The Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (HEES) can be up to £3600 if you are eligible for an enhanced grant and all people over the age of 60 whom live in Wales may be accepted for a partial grant where occupiers may receive up to £500 toward the costs of home energy improvement.

Warm Front Grant in Scotland

The Warm Front Grant is a possibility for home owners or tenants in private housing and again people over 60 may be eligible for a £500 contribution toward improving your home to become more energy efficient.

Warm Homes Grant in Northern Ireland

The Warm Homes Grant can be up to £850, but if you are over 60 you may be able to apply for a warm homes plus grant where the maximum grant is £4300.

Basically, irrelevant of where you live if you feel that your home would benefit from energy improvements and you own your own home and, or, are on benefits check out with the scheme dedicated to your area of the country to see if you are eligible.

Unfortunately, as with many grant schemes, there are some nightmare stories out there, ALWAYS make sure that you obtain your grant, and get the work carried out, by a reputable provider.

For Warm Front then apply online or call on 0800 316 2805.
For The Home Energy Efficient Scheme apply online or call 0800 316 2815.
For The Warm Homes Grant apply online or call 0800 316 6011.

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Updated on 6th February, 2009

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