Co2 emissions

Everyone is becoming more and more aware of the damage caused by CO2 and are looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. But it isn't just individual people who are taking steps to Act on Co2.

Which companies are leading the way in Reduced Emissions.

With the emphasis on being Eco Friendly companies such as JPM Eco Logistics are being created. JPM Eco Logistics are a green haulage company with a difference, and have also been backed by two of the Dragons from Dragons Den. All of the fuel used by JPM is Bio Diesel made from rape seed oil. The fleet's a Volvo fleet and although the trucks were originally not designed to run on Bio Diesel JPM had the trucks modified by a local dealer to enable them to run on 100% Bio Diesel. This results in no greenhouse gasses being produced, virtually no sulphur and the same amount of carbon dioxide being produced as plants absorb in growth. So you may think that there is no point in trying to reduce your Co2 emissions as haulage companies produce so much that your efforts are tiny in comparison, but with companies like JPM setting the standard hopefully soon all haulage companies will jump on the band waggon and follow the standard set by JPM.

Haulage companies are not the only ones trying to make a difference Texan Motor Company Ronn (or RMC) have announced their latest project the amazing Scorpion, which has a V-Tech S, V-6 motor and produces 289 bhp or up to 450 bhp on the HX model. What is so special about that I hear you ask! Well the engine is actually a hydrogen fuel injection hybrid and the fuel emissions will be nearly 0. This combined with a 3.5 ltr engine, around 40 mpg and a 0-60 of 3.5 seconds on the HX, stunning looks and a price tag of $150,000 on the Scorpion and $250,000 on the Scorpion Limited Edition HX then this car should really cause a stir. Be aware that production is limited and only 200 are expected to be produced in 2009. And so for those of us who don't want to sacrifice performance for economy this could be the car for you.
Ronn Motor Company are hoping to offer this option to other motor car producers in the future, so watch out for new age low emission performance car at a show room near you.

Energy Efficient Cars

If you are looking for a green, environmentally friendly car company that leads the way in reducing Co2 emissions yet offers cars on a modest budget, then consider Toyota. The Toyota Prius won the WhatGreenCar of the year 2009 award. According to environmental and green transport experts the petrol/electric hybrid-powered car stormed ahead of other competitors including the Honda Insight Hybrid, the Toyota IQ and the Mitsubishi I-MiEV electric to name a few. In the Prius Toyota offers the comfort of an executive car and a clear conscience that you are protecting the environment and safe-guarding the future of the planet.

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Updated on 9th February, 2009

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