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Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Becoming more energy efficient is an issue we are all becoming more aware of and are introducing into our day to day lives.

Home Insulation

Insulating our homes to a higher standard to reduce costs and reduce the amount of heating we use is one of the topics and there are Grants available which some of us will be eligible for.

Ride 2 Work Scheme

Some employers have introduced ride to work schemes to reduce congestion, keep their staff active and provide a cost effective mode of transport. If your employer does not already offer this option, it might be worth mentioning it to your HR Department to see if it would be considered.

Reducing Emissions

Learning how to reduce your car emissions is another big topic as this not only a global warming issue but car emissions also dictate the amount of road tax which you pay. Buying a car which has lower emissions can save you hundreds of pounds each year.

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Updated on 27th February, 2009

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